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-ZeaVision's EyePromise supplements contain all-natural Zeaxanthin derived from paprika.

-Scientific studies show that Zeaxanthin increases low macular pigment levels- a leading risk factor for AMD.

-Zeaxanthin provides protection from harmful blue light-induced photo-oxidative stress.

-Zeaxanthin is scarce in the normal diet- supplementation is usually required to achieve optimal protective levels.

Take a look at the brochure on Zeaxanthin and learn more about how it can benefit your sight!


EyePromise products


EyePromise EZ Tears by ZeaVision 

All-natural EyePromise EZ Tears, from ZeaVision, helps alleviate Dry Eye symptoms from inside with 8 anti-inflammatory ingredients. By ZeaVision, the same company which produces EyePromise Restore!

EyePromise Ez Tears features:

-Omega 3's: highly purified from Alaskan cold-water fish.

-Convenient dosage- only two softgels per day.

-Enteric-coated to reduce aftertaste and fish burp.

-Highest quality, all natural ingredients- made in the USA.

Educate yourself! Click to view the EyePromise EZ Tears brochure!


 EyePromise Restore by ZeaVision

EyePromise Restore, from ZeaVision, rebuilds macular pigment in the back of the eye by replenishing Zeaxanthin and Lutein to fight against Age-related Macular Degeneration and preserve healthy vision.

EyePromise Restore features:

-Same natural 2:1 ratio of Zeaxanthin and Lutein found in a healthy macula.

-Highest level of dietary Zeaxanthin available, derived from all-natural paprika.

-Highest quality ingredients grown and manufactured in the US.

-An overall ocular health formula designed to be taken with a multi-vitamin.


EyePromise (DVS)

Retinal Health Formula EyePromise DVS is the most comprehensive, science-based retinal health formula designed to support blood vessel health – essential in preserving healthy vision – through a unique combination of ingredients with documented effects for eye health.

EyePromise DVS is designed to: